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August 1, 2010:
We are now offering a Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread, available for purchase online. Spreads contain more fruit and less sugar than regular jams.

Customers Say

November 19, 2016:
"My family recently purchased 30 lbs of wild blueberries from sweet and wild and I can tell you they are by far sweeter and tastier than any of the blueberries we have ever purchased locally here in Oregon . They shipped over nite and arrived still frozen , Thank You Sue , we love them and will be back for more." -TIM

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You can purchase frozen blueberries and the new fruit spread through our online store powered by PayPalTM. Your frozen Wild Maine Blueberries will be delivered next-day air. Please allow 2-3 days shipping for blueberry spread. See our products page for more details.

Susan's Artwork


Inspired by the wilderness of Maine, Susan Knowles Jordan is an accomplished professional artist who captures the natural beauty of Maine in wildlife art. Susan is also a co-founder of Maine Sweet and Wild. You can view more of Susan's artwork here.

Maine Sweet and Wild Store

Welcome to our Online Store! Here you can order frozen Wild Maine Blueberries and Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread from the convenience of your computer. We currently offer frozen blueberry orders in 5lb increments up to 30 lbs. These prices include priority overnight shipping which is necessary to ensure the blueberries stay frozen. If you are able to pickup the delivery in person, please order by phone. If you wish to order more than 30 lbs or the shipping destination is outside the 48 contiguous states please contact us by phone so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Online orders of the Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread is only being offered in cases of 4 jars. The price for the spread includes shipping cost, please allow 2-3 days for shipping. For larger orders, please contact us by phone.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to provide an email and/or phone number where you can be reached so we can arrange a date and time for the delivery that is convenient for you.

Frozen Blueberries
Continental United States Only
Amount 5Lb Boxes Price Shipping Total
5 Lbs 1 $18.00 $87.66 $105.66
10 Lbs 2 $36.00 $95.46 $131.46
15 Lbs 3 $54.00 $113.28 $167.28
20 Lbs 4 $72.00 $122.70 $194.70
25 Lbs 5 $90.00 $133.24 $223.24
30 Lbs 6 $108.00 $149.87 $257.87

Blueberry Spread

Temporarily Unavailble Please Check Back at the end of August

Only the Best for our Customers

High-quality blueberries require high-quality packaging to maintain the appropriate temperature and condition of the blueberries. We use Styrofoam lined boxes specifically designed for transporting frozen perishables. We also use special gel packs to ensure the temperature stays cool enough during the short transportation period.

We Stand Behind Our Blueberries From Order to Delivery

We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied. You will only have to deal with us throughout the entire buying process. You do not need to worry about calling shipping companies or filling out claims if your blueberries arrive damaged. Simply call us and we will take care of any problems and make sure you get your blueberries. If your shipment arrives damaged we will replace the damaged boxes of blueberries at no extra charge.

Transporting the Blueberries

Since the blueberries must remain frozen at all times, it is necessary that we get the blueberries to you as fast as possible. To ensure this happens, all orders are shipped next-day air only.